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Workshops and Events You Don't Want to Miss...

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Classes forming now!

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The School of the Prophets

The spiritual growth and maturity of the prophet are examined in a careful, deliberate approach to how God develops them. The purpose of this school is to help the prophet increase their effectiveness in any sphere of influence. It will also provide a deeper understanding of God’s refining process and reveal impediments that may interrupt, derail, or diminish the impact of the prophet’s ministry. 

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Summer Group

Spiritual Leadership: What a Leader Must Be, Know, Do

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Summer Group

Spiritual Gifts: What Every Christian Should Know

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Group forming now!

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In the Meantime: A Divorce Recovery Workshop


Bereavement Discount

Group forming now!

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Shepherd's Workshop

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Coming April 2023

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War College: The Art of Spiritual Warfare in 3D


Classes Forming Now!

Contact us for details  of our March 18, 2023 orientation!

Prophetic Boot Camp: 

Back to the Basics

The purpose of this boot camp is to return to God’s basics for prophetic ministry and its operations. The Prophetic ministry is God's gift to people in order for His Will to be revealed to every Person, Church, and Nation. We will also gain some insight into God’s heart concerning His Kingdom goals and how He uses His servants, the prophets to His expected ends.

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Prayer Meetings

” …it’s going to take a lot more than we are doing to break the power of Satan over America.”                                                                                                Derek Prince

Join us each week for prayer.

Join us each week for prayer.

More Prayer, All Prayer... 

Matthew Henry Commentary on Ephesians 6 concerning Spiritual Warfare…

Verses 10-18 Spiritual strength and courage are needed for our spiritual warfare and suffering. Those who would prove themselves to have true grace, must aim at all grace; and put on the whole armour of God, which he prepares and bestows. The Christian armour is made to be worn; and there is no putting off our armour till we have done our warfare, and finished our course. The combat is not against human enemies, nor against our own corrupt nature only; we have to do with an enemy who has a thousand ways of beguiling unstable souls. The devils assault us in the things that belong to our souls, and labour to deface the heavenly image in our hearts. We must resolve by God's grace, not to yield to Satan. Resist him, and he will flee. If we give way, he will get ground. If we distrust either our cause, or our Leader, or our armour, we give him advantage.

On “wrestle” concerning spiritual warfare in Ephesians 6…

“ A sustained push against a force…” Derek Prince

join us for any of the following prayer meetings...

Sunday morning Sunday School 10:00 am.

The Banyan Tree zoom room…

Meeting ID: 862 1688 7800

Passcode: Banyan

By phone…

Dial in

+1 646 558 8656 US (New York)

Meeting ID: 862 1688 7800


Pray with us on Tuesday April 4 & Wednesday April 5, 2023 at 5:00 am. 

There is a cause!

Dial in: 617-691-8413 no access code needed.

Friday Evenings 8:30 pm.

Focus: The Family, Education, and Celebration (the Arts, etc.)

Dial in: 617-691-8413

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