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Leader's Corner

We host monthly conference calls and quarterly leadership training to assist governmental leaders in the development of their leadership cadre.


Shepherd's Corner

We design training/resources around your unique leadership training and development needs. 

Leader's Boot Camps

We connect Ephesians 4 leaders with each other through invaluable training camps, discussion groups, and coaching sessions.

Mentoring Calls

Provide one-on-one coaching services to keep you focused for your personal and spiritual gifting development

What our clients are saying

Being new Pastors in a new area was a little frightening! We started our journey with Sword and Shield. Back to Basics, the Prophet and Pastor teaching, the one on one, and prayer sessions are so much in line with what the Lord has ordained for us. Our spiritual lives have increased and we are developing as leaders as God intended. 

Thank you so much for coaching us God's Way!

Darryl & Carol Blackwell

Support Services

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Monthly Service


Per Module

Best Package Offer

2/1 hr sessions

2 Group sessions for your team 

one on one sessions 

Training  camps 

As Needed Service


Per Session

Best for periodic consultations

1 hr session

1/ 30 minute Consultation

As needed training

Drive-by  mentoring sessions



Sponsor a Leader

Sponsor a team

1 hr session

2 Training sessions

2 Coaching sessions

Prayer Counseling as needed